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Welcome to Basis World!

Basis humans lived in peace for thousands of years. Four main countries were founded by valorous Brits, wise Ruses, dexterous Azes and skillful Smues.

But one day Basis world started changing. From ancient Brit graves silent and awful deads rose, named as Scorbs. In Rus bogs Socres were awakened by something and started kidnapping and killing people. Silent country of Azes became filled with Duhi powerful spirits. In Smu jungles evil Voodoo sorcerers appeared. Humans were united to resist threat of Deads together. Deads are hating all living on Basis including Humans.

Started war between Humans and Deads awakened ancient forces and uncovered new areas: strange creatures were coming from ground, water, fire and air. Live ice blocks Snogs, mutated creatures from depths: Mezes - slow and deadly danger, Ulbes - deep-water reptiles, Dvooks - masters of mysterious mental forces. From ground rose stoneoids Cores, Rudnes from mines, Verls from crystals, and Yares with strange lighting. In lava appeared Sharges, fire Ofars, fearing Hoshes and blinding Ignes. And from skies arrived frost winds Fares, draining-rivers Sishes, storm tornadoes Ashims and poisoned clouds Yhles.

As it appeared later, both appearing of strange habitants from Water, Ground, Fire, Air areas of Basis and Deads awakening - were caused by mysterious great explosion in ocean deeps, which was seen by local seamen before Deads rose...

Our story is beginning from these guys in far space.

Brits - knights in heavy armor, they are living in castles, under monarch chief, christians.

Ruses - free slavs, they are living in forest and swamps, pagans.

Azes - agile ninjas-samurai, they are living on east plains, buddhists.

Smues - black hunters, they are living in tropical jungles, voodoos.

Agressive Wolves are living in Human locations:

Concept of character window for Human char:

Profession loot: First tier of herbs, trasures and fishes in Human locations:


Scorbs - brits, risen from the dead, they want to kill every live creature.

Socres - swamp and forest dead humans, cursed by death and rising, they are calling dead nature to fight against enemies.

Duhi - aze's souls, doomed to eternal torment, they are living in fear and in need of revenge to all.

Voodoo - smues, transformed by mighty rituals on the verge of death, breaking the hold of past life, moving further and further to dark voodoo mysteries.

Fares - artful cold winds, send rains and thunder-storms.

Sishes - drying hot winds, burn, blow off, lift enemies in heaven and throw off on the earth.

Ashims - tornadoes and hurricanes, sweep away everything on the way.

Yhles - dangerous poisonous clouds.

Snogs - alive ice floes, will drown, will freeze, will crush enemies.

Mezes - huge amphibian jellyfishes with poison and electricity.

Ulbes - deep-water hybrids of an alligator and slope, punish enemies even in deeps.

Dvooks - underwater mutants, one head well, and two - it is better, and with feelers - it is even better!

Cores - aggressive earth with stones, will beat out any enemy.

Rudnes - liquid metal soldiers, shift to any shape, good in stealth.

Verls - multi-colored crystals array with mental abilities.

Yares - energy ball with killing radiation.

Sharges - burning lightning balls, prefer electric blows and burning of enemy remains.

Ofars - lumps of creeping live lava, can attack unexpectedly, for example, jump from a top!

Hoshes - these massive and, at first sight, slow live stones with ease will burn any to ashes with thin sharp streams of flame, remain a long trace of the melted lava and ashes behind.

Ignes - just imagine one thousand bengal lights which are burning out your eyes, it is they!

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